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1967 Satellite Option Codes and Accessories

By Sue George

RP232-Door Hardtop$2,747.00
* Includes factory retail price, excise, handling and other charges, and a provision for dealer new car preparation of $25.00
351Basic (Not available with code 580 or 583)$173.25
355Light Package-Convertible$5.30
355Light Package-Hardtop$9.10
624Suspension Package-Heavy Duty (Not available with code 359)$21.50
411Air Conditioning With Heater (Not available with code 393 with engine code 61; not available with engine code 73)$338.45
481Bumper Guards-Front$16.80
482Bumper Guards-Rear$14.05
483Bumper Guards-Front and Rear$30.85
621Battery-70 Amp (with code 359 only)$7.70
591Alternator-46 Amp (Not available with code 411 on 8-cylinders)$10.50
478Brakes-Heavy Duty (Not available with code 359 or 479)$20.95
479Disc Brakes-With 8 Cylinders (Code 451 required)$69.50
487Cigar LighterStandard
486Console-Satellite Only (Not available with 3-speed manual trans.)No Charge
471Cleaner Air Package-Mandatory California Only (8 cylinder models only)$25.00
408Sure Grip Differential$37.60
41318 CID 2bbl (Not available with code 393)$30.05
61383 CID 2bbl (Not available with 3-speed manual trans.)$99.75
62383 CID 4bbl (Not available with 3-speed manual trans.)$149.60
73*426 Hemi 2-4bbl (Not available with 3-speed manual trans.)$564.00
521Tinted Glass-All Windows$39.50
522Tinted Glass-Windshield Only$21.20
533Headrests-Left and Right$41.90
416Heater-Delete (Not available with code 411)[$70.30]
536Mirror-Remote Control-Outside Left$5.45
537Mirror-Manual Outside Right$6.35
451Power Brakes$41.75
456Power Steering$89.65
458Power Windows$100.25
421Radio-Transaudio AM$57.35
426Rear Seat Speaker (Not available in convertibles)$14.05
556Seat Belt-Lap Belt-Front Center Passenger (Not available with code 486)$9.10
557Seat Belt-Lap Belt-Rear Center Passenger (Mandatory in New York state)$9.10
568Shoulder Belt-2 Front$26.45
551Seat Cushion Foam-Front Standard
638Shock Absorbers-Firm Ride$4.25
571Steering Wheel-Full Horn Ring (Not available with code 573)$5.25
573Steering Wheel-Deluxe Wood Grain$25.95
577Tachometer (Code 486 required)$48.70
359Trailer Towing Package (Code 395 required; Required tires: codes 41 or 43) Without A/C$62.50
359Trailer Towing Package (Code 395 required; Required tires: codes 41 or 43) With A/C$52.85
3934-speed Manual Transmission (Not available with engine code 41) $188.05
395TorqueFlite-With Engine Code 41 Only$206.30
395TorqueFlite-With Engine Code 61 or 62 Only$216.20
579Undercoating-With Hood Insulator Pad$15.40
580Road Wheels-Set of 4 (Not available with code 581 or 583)$76.05
581Wheel Covers-DeluxeStandard
583Wheel Covers-Sport$17.80
589Windshield Wipers-Variable Speed$4.95
485Center Front Seat-With Folding Arm Rest (Not available with code 486)Standard
292Two-Tone Paint (Not available on convertibles)$21.55
708Special Buffed Paint$20.95
*5/50 Warranty Not Applicable; 12 Month/12,000 Mile Warranty Only. Limited To Original Purchaser Only.
306-7Vinyl Roof (Not available on convertibles)
Tires-Set of 5 (Replaces 7.35X14 BSW-all with 318 engine)
337.35X14 WSW (Not available with code 411 with engine code 41)$32.70
417.75X14 BSW$14.05
437.75X14 WSW$46.55
487.75X14 Red Streak
Tires-Set of 5 (Replaces 7.75X14 BSW-all with 383 engine)
437.74X14 WSW$32.70
487.75X14 Red Streak$47.95
Prices are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices as of September 29, 1966 and include provisions for Federal Excise taxes and Dealer New Car Preparation charges, but excludes state and local taxes, if any, and destination charges.

[1967 Satellite]

If your present rig has you feeling powerless all of the sudden-surrender. Belvedere Satellite could happen to anybody, from sports buff to breadwinner. Either way, Satellite fits the bill. Beautifully. Actively. Front row center you find a locking sports console. *The chrome trim and courtesy lights make it a beautiful go-between for those cushy up-front bucket seats. So sports buff, beware.

If you're a gregarious gamester, we're still out to lure you. Satellite is longer, wider and roomier than it's chief competition. Great for a party of five. Or six, if you choose the fold-down armrest* with center seat.

Now snap on your seat belt and sample Satellite spirit. It starts with the standard 273 c.i. V-8 and booms its way-all the way-to our 383 c.i. 4-bbl job.**

Satellite convertible and hardtop interior. The most expensive looking you've ever been able to easily afford. Saddle-grain all-vinyl with luxurious "tooled leather" design on seats and door panels. Rear seats are specially padded to simulate buckets.

Swift. Smooth. That's TorqueFlite**, most copied automatic transmission in the business. 3 speeds, instead of 2, for outstanding performance and economy. Console-mounted if you wish.

* Fold-down armrest with center seat is standard. Or replace it with optional sports console at no extra cost. Your choice.

** Optional.


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