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Text and Photo by Dave Kanofsky

In December of 2002 I sold my 6bbl, 4-speed SuperBird to buy the car I have always wanted, my life goal, a 1969 Charger Daytona. In November '02, my friend Joe Setaro, e-mailed me an ad from for a Daytona, R4 red, white wing, black interior, 440 4bbl automatic. I called the guy and thought his asking price was right about what I could sell my SuperBird for, so I gave it a shot. I sold the Bird on Ebay to a guy in TX (check out on Friday, December 13th, and my dad and I went and bought my Daytona the next day.

I have been tracing the history of the car as best I could, and here is what I have come up with:

I have some awesome documentation on the car, including the Jim Rose letter, the build sheet, the window sticker, a certification from Galen, and a few other receipts for minor work done.

It has a few minor dings, but the car is as rust-free as possible, none anywhere, not a speck that I have found. The stripe is original and all cracked up. The interior is near perfect. It has an AM/8-track, power steering, power disc brakes, light group, and a console with no cracks! It has under 62,000 miles on it.

It also has the scissor jack and handle, but somewhere along the way lost its scissor jack hold down plate, bumper jack and the hood pin cables. Early on, somebody changed the correct Magnum 500's with trim rings to the chrome-rim-style, and replaced the 4.10 Dana with an 8 3/4. These mods were done before 1980 as Jerry Juenemann tells me this is how he got it, and Scott Dowse let me copy a video he took at the museum approximately 10 years ago that has my car in it.

My plans for the car include replacing rear springs and a paint job and new stripe. I hate to mess with such a documented original, but I want it to look super sweet as it is the car I've always wanted.

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