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Special Feature Car - Peter & Becca Mostoff

Text and Photos by Peter Mostoff

Our SuperBird's VIN is RM23UOA163495. I am trying to piece together its history so I would very much appreciate any information that anybody may know about this car. I am also missing the broadcast sheet, so if anyone knows of its whereabouts, we'd love to reunite it with our car.

The Bird is Tor Red, and all numbers match except the transmission has been replaced. It's a 440 4bbl, automatic on the column with a black and silver bench seat interior. It has mirrors on both doors (driver's side remote), the original AM radio, Tic-Toc-Tac, new exhaust, the original wheels and Polyglas tires.

I purchased the car from Legendary Motorcar in Milton, Ontario, Canada. The only history I have been told is that Legendary did the paint and body work on the super straight and solid car about three years ago for the previous owner Mr. Mark Kellett, who lived in the Ontario area. Mark replaced this Bird with a Hemi Bird! Reportedly, our Bird had one other Ontario area owner, and the trail ends there.

When our Bird was being shipped from Canada to our home in Virginia, it came loose inside the car carrier and was damaged above the passenger's side rear wheel well. It was lightly dented and the show-quality Tor Red paint had a 20" long spot of primer/metal/yellow paint spot from inside the truck.

We contacted Legendary about the damage, and they instructed us to return the car, they would fix it and send it back to us, all at their expense. So we drove it around the block a few times, put it back in the truck and returned it to Canada for repairs. About a month later, it returned looking as good as new. That was a LONG month! They did an excellent job of repairing the car. Without seeing the pictures of the damage or hearing the story, you'd never know it happened. The repair is not visible.

This is the second SuperBird our family has owned. We sold a pair of 1965 Furys to get into our first SuperBird. One was a white Fury convertible, 383 4bbl automatic, Indy Pacer style buckets, console and tach. The other was a red Fury III, 426 wedge 4-speed car with a bench seat interior. Our first SuperBird was a Lemontwist 440 4-speed with a sixpack set up added. This new SuperBird is a keeper!

Anyone who might be able to help us with information about our Bird's history, please contact me at: Pete Mostoff, 288 Fairview Rd, Chatham, VA 24531 or call (434) 432-4732 home or (434) 432-7773 work. Thank you very much for any help you can provide!

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